Project Dynatech

A chap came in yesterday and and asked me to remove a few¬†components from a frame, in exchange he gave me the frame that I was working on….it turned out to be an old Raleigh Dynatech 405Ti! I spent today cleaning it and sorting a few things out and decided that I was going to give it a full strip back and re spray. I will keep updating you with the progress and post as many photos as I can!¬†


The bike is now all done, and I turned it into a fixie to get me through the winter!



  1. Neil Cowley says:

    Hi Frank,how are you,I’m very interested to know how you had it sprayed,as I have one to spray but no one will touch it due fear of bonded lugs coming loose under heat, cheers Neil..

    • Frank says:

      Hello, I had similar issues however the bottom bracket lug broke away before I ever managed to get it painted. I should think that fat creations should be able to handle it. Cheers

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